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Web Server (HOSTING)

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System administrators are engaged in the management and maintenance of computer systems and networks.
In order to understand what this course is, you first need to understand what Hoster and Hosting are:

Hosting is a website storage service. This service is needed so that developers, i.e. programmers, can host their website, and Internet users can visit it around the clock. You also need to remember that a Website is a set of text and video files, images, code, databases and other information.

A hoster is a company that provides a service called hosting.

Introduction to the UNIX operating system -
Introduction to the Basics of Web Servers -
Introduction to System Administration -

Getting to know bash scripts -
Introduction to the UNIX Console -
Homework -

Common UNIX commands -
Homework -

Learning SSH -
Homework -

Learning FTP -
Homework -

- Learning Memcached
- Getting to know Mysql from the administration side
- Homework

- Getting to know Cert bat SSl
- Getting to know Curl
- Homework

- Getting to know Cron
- Getting to know Postfix
- Studying the UFW firewall
- Homework

- Introduction to PHP from the compiler side
- Homework
- Resume preparation
This course will help you understand and figure out how to install, configure a web server on a hosting to host your site.
Thanks to practice, you will master the installation, configuration and administration of the Unix operating system and the web server. The course is suitable for novice system administrators.
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