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Course on PHP

Online course training program

You will get all the necessary base to start programming in PHP.
More than 100 exercises to consolidate the material.

PHP Basics:
Introduction to programming in PHP -
Getting to know and work with variables and constants -
Using HTML and CSS -
Homework -

Getting to know and work with conditional operators, logical operators, arithmetic operators -
Homework -

Introduction to arrays (One-dimensional, multidimensional arrays) -
Homework -

Introduction to cycles (for, foreach, while) -
Homework -

Building simple programs -
Homework -

Consolidation of completed classes -
Testing -

The basics
- Building programs using HTML & CSS
- Homework

- Introduction to functions: creation and use
- Homework

- Introduction. Classes, methods and objects
- Homework

- Familiarity with GET and POST requests
- Homework

- Familiarity with cookies and sessions
- Homework

- Homework

- Familiarity with the security of the PHP language
- Homework

- Building simple programs
- Building programming algorithms
- Testing
- Resume preparation

This is a general purpose course widely used in web development.
In this course we will learn the basics of programming in PHP, you will learn how to use and define functions, look for and analyze errors in code, as well as write code in PHP.
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