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Creating a website

Online course training program

It is not easy to master the layout of a website from scratch, so during the training you will consolidate the theory in practice.
From the very first lessons you will begin to perform exercises that will help you get used to the features of the code faster.

Basic concepts of the Internet -
HTML document structure -
Homework -

Links -
Text markup (HTML document markup tags) -
Homework -

Graphics and images -
Table layout -
Homework -

Forms -
Homework -
Testing -

Using classes in CSS -
Using an identifier in CSS -
Using attributes in CSS -

Using an attribute identifier in CSS -
Basic selectors in CSS -
Homework -

Animation in CSS -
Building ready-made HTML + CSS pages -
Homework -

Testing -
Resume compilation -

- Introduction to programming in JavaScript
- Basic concepts of the JavaScript language
- Homework

- Learning: variables, constants
- Using HTML and CSS
- Homework

- Basic operators
- Data types
- Homework

- Comparison operators
- Logical operators
- Homework

- Type conversion

- Conditional operators: if, else
- Messages: alert, prompt, confirm
- Homework

- while and for loops
- Construction switch
- Homework

- Global announcements
- Functions
- Homework

- Debugging in the browser
- Resume compilation

The course is suitable for beginners who have not previously made up websites, and have not created websites for android phones, tablets and computers.
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Study for a sought-after profession and start a career in IT, while the demand for IT specialists is many times higher than the supply